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      1. Chongqing Huadian Translation Co., Ltd.


        • 100%Human Translation

          100% Human Translation

        • Customer Care

          Customer Care

        • Professional Team

          Professional Team

        • Strictly Confidential

          Strictly Confidential

        Quality Control

        Quality Control

        Huadian Translation has a strict and scientific organizational structure and system framework (as shown in the figure below), which ensures an efficient and stable translation process and provides strong guarantee for translation quality and delivery.



        Huadian Translation's main business departments include Marketing Department, Translation Department and Production Department. The Marketing Department is responsible for business acquisition and after-sales service, specifically including information collection, information analysis, business acquisition, contract negotiation, contract review, contract signing, original text collection and registration, translation delivery, translation filing, fee collection and customer follow-up visit, etc. The production Department is responsible for pre-translation and post-translation processing, including scanning, identification, format conversion, text extraction, template production, pre-typesetting, final typesetting, document binding, CD burning, etc. The Translation Department is responsible for the specific translation process, including the appointment of project managers, project planning and training, terminology database and memory database preparation and collection, assignment of translators for translation, translation revision, translation quality and progress monitoring, etc. The company's Personnel Department, Technology Department and Finance Department provide personnel, technology and financial guarantees for the translation business respectively.




        Huadian Translation is ISO9001:2008 quality management system certified. According to the Chinese national standard GB/T19682-2005 for translation industry and referring to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Huadian Translation has introduced the concept of project management into the management of translation operations. Using EPM platform and centering on the project manager, the company has reasonably linked market personnel, translators, production personnel, auditors, customer contacts, company leaders, etc. to join the translation process and solve quality problems in the process, instead of waiting until problems arise.

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        CONTACT US
        Chongqing Huadian Translation Co., Ltd. TEL.:023-6182-6907/8/9
        ADD.:Chongqing Jiangbei District in the northern part of the 5th yet Redstone Road, Block, Block 21 A
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