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      1. Chongqing Huadian Translation Co., Ltd.


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          100% Human Translation

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        Social Responsibility



        Huadian Translation has been actively participating in various activities organized by the Translators Association of China (TAC). In 2003, the company and Sichuan Lan-bridge Information Technology Co., Ltd jointly organized the "2003 Translation Management Conference" in Emei, Sichuan, participated in the discussion of the national standard of the industry and cooperated with the TAC to investigate and sort out the industry data.


        Huadian Translation also participated in the first China Translation Achievements Exhibition sponsored by China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration and TAC at the Chinese People's Revolutionary Military Museum in Beijing. During the exhibition, the Huadian Translation's booth received about 500 visitors from all over the world, including experts from all walks of life in the translation industry as well as international friends. What is particularly exciting is that Liu Yunshan, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, visited our booth on the evening of November 5 and gave us great encouragement.


        In the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Huadian Translation's leaders organized some employees to rush to the scene to participate in the rescue in the first place and brought more than RMB20,000 worth of supplies to the frontline of the disaster area for distribution, and employees of the company actively participated in volunteer activities in Chongqing to raise relief supplies for the people in disaster areas.


        In 2007 and 2008, Huadian Translation sponsored the Chongqing University English Translation Competition. Huadian Translation has signed contracts since 2009 with Chongqing University, Southwest University and Chongqing Normal University to establish MTI internship base in the company.


        Once foreign friends were injured while traveling in Chongqing. Huadian Translation extended a helping hand in the first place and provided free translation for them by contacting their relatives and insurance companies, which was well recognized by all sectors of society, and reported specially by Chongqing media.


        Huadian Translation is willing to make its utmost contribution to China's translation cause under the leadership of the TAC and to serve more members and translators in Chongqing on behalf of the Association. At the same time, the company will attach importance to the research of translation and the improvement of translation management to serve as a bridge for communication with foreign countries.

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        Chongqing Huadian Translation Co., Ltd. TEL.:023-6182-6907/8/9
        ADD.:Chongqing Jiangbei District in the northern part of the 5th yet Redstone Road, Block, Block 21 A
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