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      1. Chongqing Huadian Translation Co., Ltd.


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          100% Human Translation

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          Professional Team

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        About Us


        Chongqing Huadian Translation Co., Ltd., established in 1987, is a registered incorporated company and independent corporate enterprise examined and approved by administrative departments of industry and commerce and one of the earliest translation companies in China. Huadian is a director unit of the Chinese Translation Association, the first member unit of the Translation Service Committee of the Chinese Translation Association, the translation service integrity unit of the Chinese Translation Association, and the ISO9001 quality system certified organization, a Chongqing Information Service Outsourcing Certification Enterprise, a member unit of Chongqing Shandong Chamber of Commerce, a member unit of Sichuan and Chongqing Chamber of Commerce of Shaanxi. Huadian is also a training base of Chongqing University, Southwest University, Sichuan Institute of Foreign Languages, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications Master of Translation. Adhering to the enterprise tenet of "quality first, fast and convenient, and preferential price ", Huadian, a Chongqing-based company, has set up offices in Chengdu, Beijing, Nanning and other places to serve customers all over the country.

        Thanks to its participation in a large number of engineering projects for more than 15 years, Huadian has gained a rich and practical experience in translation service for introduced projects covering electric power, chemical engineering, metallurgy, etc. A stable and capable working team with various specialties, in combination with the effective quality control system, ensure the quality of its produces up to the requirements of clients. Huadian's translation services cover all fields of engineering technology and related fields such as law, economy and trade. Huadian can provide service covering mechanics, electronics, computer technology, electromechanical integration, chemical engineering, environmental protection, waterworks, instrumentation, energy, traffic, communication, roads & bridges, metallurgy and civil works. It can afford the total service solutions for translation, interpretation, Chinesization of software, professional file setup design, development of document data base and professional graphics context digitalization management system.

        The very supportive team of Huadian is made up by qualified translators who have all got a valuable experience in working in large-sized enterprise, universities, design institute, research institute and construction companies. They are senior translators as well as specialists in technology and project than. The backbones of Huadian, who have experienced many large-sized introduced projects, are the guarantee of the success of Huadian and the effective and quality service to the clients.

        At present, Huadian provides comprehensive translation service solutions including interpretation and translation, simultaneous interpretation, cloud translation, professional typesetting design, printing, data database, and development of digital management system for professional drawings and documents.

        The accomplishments of Huadian include hundreds of millions of characters and part of interpretation service for world famous companies such as JB, BP and BBL of Britain, GE of USA, ABB of Switzerland, MHI, TOSHIBA and HITACHI of Japan, Siemens, BORSIG, BICHOFF, STEIN-MULLER of Germany, EDF, ALSTOM, STEIN, CDF, PPG, ALCATEL of France. Huadian is currently serving the state key projects involving in light rail transit project, rebuilding and expansion of iron and steel works, technical reconstruction (power generation) on natural gas system, chemical engineering, etc. Huadian Translation has won favorable comments from her clients for its honest and faithful business manners and advanced management style, and long-standing cooperative relationship has been built with them. Huadian Translation, the famous professional firm in Chongqing.




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        CONTACT US
        Chongqing Huadian Translation Co., Ltd. TEL.:023-6182-6907/8/9
        ADD.:Chongqing Jiangbei District in the northern part of the 5th yet Redstone Road, Block, Block 21 A
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